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You have selected OS X Support Essentials from 12/02/2013 to 12/04/2013 for $1,800.00 at Business Rules, Inc. - Rhinecliff, NY.

There are 4 seats available on this date. (Need more seats? Click here to find the same class on a different date.)

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*Your purchase order (PO) must be recognized under an approved Master Agreement. If you are a new BRI customer, please download our Master Agreement form, sign it, and fax (484-377-1456) or email ( it back to us. You may also send an authorized PO with the Master Agreement. All new PO customers are subject to a credit check. We will notify you via email when your documents are approved.

If you already have a Master Agreement in place with BRI, enter your company or school name, and PO numbers below. If there is more than one PO to apply to the order, type each PO number in a list, with each PO number on its own line.

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